About us

I am Marta, creator of Mamabepo and mother of a very moved person called Enzo


Mamabepo is a personal project that began in 2015. My case is different from that of many mothers who left their work due to scheduling problems in order to dedicate 100% to their children and from there, they became interested in sewing or doing different crafts, until finally they decided to create a brand of products.

In 1946 my grandmother opened a small business, a haberdashery in the town of Sallent (Barcelona). The business has passed from father to son and now my mother and I are taking it.

What we do in Mamabepo

So the whole family was excited about the birth of this new member. My mother told me she would make the changers, bags, etc. for the baby She even started making a wool blanket … In August 2015 I was 6 months pregnant and my father suffered a stroke. Everything was suddenly complicated, he had the whole subject of shopping, accounting, banks, etc. of the business and when this happened, we had to reorganize ourselves. Everything about Enzo was in the background and then I decided that I would do it myself.

With the indications of my mother and patterns that I passed from magazines, I made all the “kit”.

It’s not to say, but it worked out pretty well? and that’s how I decided that I would continue with the sewing. Somehow I got hooked from the sewing machine and now it will be a year ago that I combine the haberdashery with the creation of Mamabepo products.

Thank you very much to all those who make it possible for Mamabepo to grow, a big hug!

Who are we?

If you want to know who are the components of Mamabepo, below you have a summary about the members.

Marta Portabella

Marta Portabella


I am Marta, although I am characterized for being always in the clouds, the Mamabepo project helps me to touch with my feet on the ground.

Creative and responsible in Mamabepo.

The products you buy are my creation and I make them as if they were for me.

Joel Casasayas

Joel Casasayas

IT manager

I’m Joel, the one in charge that the web works … or not …

I like computer science. Operating systems, communications networks, programming and winter sports.

I love skiing, especially ski mountaineering, as well as mountaineering.

I work full time, but in my spare time, I can always get some time for my passions.

That’s right, time for Marta, for Enzo … and some time for me.

Enzo C

Enzo C



I’m Enzo. The model, quality control and marketing.

So, it could be said that I am the CEO of Mamabepo when my parents leave me.

Ya ta!

Who we work with

Our creations are made with high quality products. Here you can see some of the brands we work with.
We work with the company DMC
We use Hilaturas LM
Cintas Manubens


C/ Nou, 3
08650 Sallent
Barcelona (Spain)


(34) 677025681


Monday Friday: 09:30–13:00

Saturday : 09:15–14:00

Sunday and Wednesday afternoon: Closed