Frequent asked questions

Frequent asked questions
Who are we Mamabepo?

Mamabepo is a small company of handmade products related to babies and children. Our company has the headquarters of Sallent (Barcelona) and if you want to contact us you can do it by email:

Are our products guaranteed?

As handmade products do not have a guarantee like the rest of products. This does not mean that if the product is in poor condition or damaged it can not be returned. Furthermore, in Mamabepo we extend this to the return policy of the European Union, allowing the right of withdrawal that prevails in Europe.

How can you pay in Mamabepo?

2) Amazon Pay
3) Google Pay
4) Apple Pay
5) Credit / debit card
7) Cryptocurrencys (Bitcoin or Ether)

How do we ship the products?

1) Ordinary mail, by ordinary envelope without insurance.
2) Certified post, by means of a certificate envelope with a tracking number and insurance.
3) Express ordinary mail, by ordinary envelope with tracking number but without loss insurance.
4) Post urgent certificate, by means of certificate envelope with tracking number and insurance.

What transportation company do we use?

Actually Correos de España

Can the fabrics of the products be modified?

In many cases it is possible to modify the fabrics, whenever you want to do something like this, you should contact us.

How can I contact with you?

1) Through the official Facebook of Mamabepo or through facebook messenger embedded in the web page.
2) Through the official instagram of Mamabepo.
3) Sending an email to Mamabepo
4) Calling by phone at +34677025681

You have more questions?

You can leave your comments with the questions you want at the bottom of this page.

Thank you very much for your trust and we hope we have helped you.