Toddler bath towel


capa de baño rabbit gray
capa de baño rabbit beige
capa de baño cat blue
capa de baño cat pink
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We have new Narinan handmade product!

This time, we have dared with toddler bath towel. We have used the classic pattern of the square hood with hood, but we have added some funny details.

These details are, some rabbit ears or some cat on the hood. You have four models, two cat and two rabbit. Only the colors of the bias change. Whether it is cat or rabbit, they have embroidered nose and eyes in black, to make them even more fun.


The toddler bath towel are 100% cotton white curl. They are very soft and thick, so apart from drying well, they are warmer.


The size is 75cm x 75cm.

The toddler bath towel, always are a perfect gift for any birth, since it can also be a good lullaby.

They are practical, tasty and of very good quality.

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Weight300 g

100% algodón


75cm x 75cm


Rabbit gray, Rabbit beige, Cat blue, Cat pink


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