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Cloth bag

These are the fabric bags that we propose this season. Our “Cloth Bag” is a little bigger than the one we had previously from the “Narinan Handmade” brand.

Why are they bigger?

Well, because we believe that in this way they will be even more useful. This model, being larger, has more capacity, so it is better to be able to take the spare change to the schooner or nest.

Those who use it for everything, weigh, that in this fit more toys. It is also perfect to put dirty clothes when the kids go to colonies, camps and even to keep shoes or sports when they do their extra-school.

In short, it has infinite possibilities and that you know very well you.

I have to say that a servant also uses them for her things … Many times I use them as a travel bag or to store the dryer at home, since I do not have much space in the bathroom. To put some fruit when I go to the supermarket and even someday I used it as a bag for bread.

So more profits can not be given.

They are very easy to clean and dry.


The prints we have chosen are fun, always with lots of color and lots of combinations.

That is why we have made several models with the same combined pattern of different shape. We know that not all parents have the same tastes, so in this way, each family will stay with the one they like the most.


100% cotton printed fabric.

Color cord 100% cotton.


40cm X 35cm aprox.

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Weight80 g

Animals, Cats, Animals pícnic, Velero jean, Wall-e, Flamencos, Velero, Wall-e love, Selva


Tela estampada 100% algodón, cordón de color 100% algodón.


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