Scarves for adults


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Scarves for adults

Attention we have news!

We know that you really like the scarves we make for the kids, because they are soft and most importantly very hot. So we have decided to introduce a line of scarves for adults.

For adult scarves, we continue to use the coral fabric, in different colors, to make the soft inner lining and the outer fabric, may vary depending on the model.

By using semi-elastic fabrics to make the scarves, this makes them very comfortable to put on and take off. No squeezing or pulling on the head and hair. It adapts very well to everyone.

They will always be fashionable colors and easy to combine. Small prints or a sparse spark.

You already know that if you want to go together with your children, you just have to ask for it. You can send us an email or whatsapp to the contact phone. Also through our social networks, and we will try to make your wishes come true.

The idea is that they are as unisex as possible, so stay tuned to our proposals …


Between 60 and 65 cm of contour and 35 cm of height.


Interior fabric: 100% lining.

Outer fabric: may vary depending on the model. But they will always be between knitted fabrics, with some wool and other synthetic fibers.



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Weight180 g

Diamond, Wooly gray, Wooly red, Wooly sky, Elegant black


Forro interior 100% coralina.
Tela exterior estampada (dependerá según el modelo) lana y otras fibras sintéticas, lycra.


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