Snack bag reset


bolsa merienda - cactus
bolsa merienda - ice cream
bolsa merienda - monstruos
bolsa merienda New York
bolsa merienda cats
bolsa merienda - mapache
bolsa merienda - llamas
bolsa merienda - birds


Snack bag reset

Here you have the perfect complement for your sandwich cover!

This time we present another of the new products of this 2018. It is the “snack snack bag reset”. And why have we named it that way? Well, why would it be a way of saying: “Stop, eat and start again”. It is our motto, so that your day is a great day! You already know that sometimes, it is very good to take a break, in company or alone. Eat and drink something …. The important thing is that it is something healthy. For this reason, we have created these plastic bags inside, with a special plastic for food. So you can take your snacks to work or wherever. Perfect for fruit, cookies, cereals, nuts, yogurts, even a small bottle of water. The important thing for us is to create products that respect the environment. That encourage recycling and minimization of toxic waste. So, we encourage you to use them! They have a very practical self-adhesive velcro closure. They are easy to clean and their size is perfect, neither too big nor too small. This is also a product for the whole family and that is why prints have no age. If you like, you have the cover for sandwich set.


Printed fabric and lining 100% cotton. Plastic certified for food, that is, it leaves no residue. Self-adhesive velcro.

How to take care of this product

  • Wash by hand or machine with cold water or at a temperature not exceeding 30ºC.
  • Do not use dryer.
  • Prohibited the use of detergents in powder and whitening.
  • It is advisable not to use softeners.
  • Do not iron.
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Additional information

Weight165 g

Cactus, Ice cream, Monstruos, New York, Cats, Mapache, Llamas, Birds


Fabric and lining 100% cotton. Plastic cover with food certification. Self-adhesive velcro closure.


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